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Opportunity Knocks – Are You Ready?

Opportunity Knocks – Are You Ready?

So here we are, one month into 2012 – the year which has been the focus of so many predictions.  So what is it with all these dates and numbers 11:11, 2012 etc?

As humans living a material existence – in a physical body, in a physical reality – we have a need for significance.  We enjoy giving certain times or events meaning – be it birthdays, anniversary’s, or religious celebrations.  They represent a way of anchoring ourselves to the material – something to cling to, to make us feel ‘real’.

So perhaps it is not the date that’s important, but what we want it to represent.

2012 is another opportunity for significance – another place to anchor our consciousness – and having anchored it, having given it attention, and intention, why not use it?  Let’s use the enormous amount of attention it has received to create the change we seek.

Let’s think of 2012 offering us opportunity, choice and change.

We have the chance to raise our vibration, and choose to occupy a different place in history – both personally and as a species.

We have the chance to decide what we will accept or not.  We can come together and choose to be a force for change – like the Egyptians did.

We can occupy the space of compassion, common sense, connection and collaboration.

We can change our values away from materialism.  We can choose not to put profit and monetary growth at the centre of our value system.

We can choose to be different, to differently Be.

We have the chance every day to choose how we BEhave, what decisions we make and how those decisions impact not just our bottom line but our planet, our environment, our fellow human beings, our friends, our family and ourselves.

Every day we have the chance to change the world.

Whether or not you believe in the predictions for 2012, it doesn’t matter.   We can choose to make this not just a New Year but also a New Era – it is up to us.

Governments and politicians are not going to do it – they can’t. We can.

We can create the world we wish, little by little, step by step.


We can change our vision – Thoughts.

We can change our communications – Words.

We can change our behaviour – Deeds.


We have the opportunity to co-create a different future.

Opportunity is knocking – Are you ready?