My friends say I’m a mine of information – and it’s true that I naturally enjoy reading and learning about all sorts of different things.

My particular area of interest is natural health and over the years I have built up a list of favourite products.

I also have a long list of wonderful books that I love and  I’d like to tell you about.

So this is the place where I will be sharing all the random bits of information that I’ve picked up over the years and which have been helpful to me and my clients and will hopefully be helpful to you too.

If I have provided a link, then I want to be clear that it will most likely be an affiliate link which means that if you buy the product using my link then I get a commission (it varies according to the product).  However the price of the product is the same to you.  I also want to stress that I only recommend products that either myself or my clients have used.

I hope you will be kind enough to use the affiliate link as it is one of the ways I generate my income.

Here are some of my favourite Books – some are golden oldies that were the first I ever read on my journey – however they are still full of wisdom – others are more recent loves!

Here is another fantastic product that has really helped several of my clients.  More will be coming!
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