Hi I’m Millie – Scenar Therapist (great Russian healing device), Earth Healer, Light Worker, World Server, Agent for Change.

I’ve been in the field of complementary health/alternative medicine for 20 + years, both as a therapist, patient, and co-founder/owner of Stop the World, one of the first holistic detox retreats in the UK.

I’ve been following a path of personal and spiritual development for the same amount of time – having been lucky enough to meet my first teachers around 1989.  I am so grateful for the enormous amount of love and support I have received from them all, and I have been lucky enough to have been around, and become friends with, some extraordinary Masters of consciousness.

I’m an avid reader and have been all my life – and when I met my first teacher, it was as though another 10,000 libraries were opened.  All these books that I hadn’t known had existed!

I read and read.  However, reading and understanding something in your head is one thing, bringing it into your heart is another, and actually experiencing it is even more!

So bit by bit I have uncovered the layers of myself, laid myself bare, gone to the core and back again, in order to return to Love – the All that Is, the One.

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  1. Millie
    I feel as if i travelled on the same road… luckily endless because there is always something more to learn / experience / understand / etc.

    • Thank you so much for reading my words Miriam – and yes isn’t it fun that the road is never ending!

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