Hi and welcome to my website, Being the Answer.

If you are wondering what on earth I mean by that, let me explain.

I believe that we, humanity, are being called upon to consider our role as a species on the planet.  We seem to be the only ones unable to find a level of balance within our environment.  If we were any other species we would consider ourselves a pest, to be controlled or even exterminated, such is our ability to destroy the Earth.

Are we really going to continue raping and pillaging our home planet, Mother Earth, with no thought given to the consequences?

We are capable of consciously changing the world.

We need to learn how to manage ourselves as individuals and as a group in our everyday behaviour, and in relation to national and global issues.

What are the qualities required for humanity to evolve itself into a custodian and partner of and with the planet, rather than a self-serving rapist and pillager?

They are the qualities of Being.

When Ghandi admonished us to Be the Change – what did he actually mean?

To me the meaning was clear – become the quality that is missing.  You cannot expect to see peace around you if you, yourself, are not peaceful – in your thoughts, words and deeds, in your Being.

So this website is all about Being the Answer rather than the problem.

I really hope you will join me,


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  1. Hola Millie, espero que me recuerdes, soy Erika Fuenzalida desde Chile. Te cuento que me encontré con tu pagina web y tu foto.Te ves muy linda, tal como te recuerdo. Felicitaciones por tu pagina y el trabajo en el cual estas centrada.
    Por mi parte sigo anclada en Chile. El año 2008 gane una beca y estudie un magíster (master) en asentamientos humanos y medio ambiente….Andamos en frecuencias similares, Yo quiero ser parte de la solución y no del problema.
    Cómo esta tu vida? Yo siempre te recuerdo junto a Peter y tu hermosa casa. Espero que me puedas escribir contándome sobre ti, tu vida y tus sueños.
    Me despido enviándote un gran abrazo

    • Hola Erika, I am so happy and excited to hear from you. I look forward to hearing much more about your journey of Being – I will send you an email. Very much love to you, Millie xx

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